Modern Kitchen Lighting Tips

Kitchen ceiling lighting ideas. The lighting system in the kitchen is one of the priorities that must be carefully planned in building our kitchen. Light sources can be from natural light through windows or from building electric lights. The role of electric light becomes important when there is not enough natural light provided in the kitchen. The ceiling is one of the media that can accommodate the installation of Modern Kitchen Lighting systems. Lights on the kitchen ceiling will provide general lighting in the kitchen.

In installing kitchen ceiling lights, we must first analyze the size of the room and the height of the kitchen ceiling. This is to determine the number and type of ceiling lights that will be used, so that it will not be too bright or too dim. Kitchen wall colors and materials used for furniture also have an effect on the brightness in the kitchen. Bright and shiny material will increase the brightness of the kitchen which can reduce the use of ceiling lights. Also read LED Kitchen Lighting.

After that, we can determine the position of the lights for the kitchen ceiling lights. We need to ensure that the ceiling lights will cover the entire area in the kitchen without leaving a dim spot because one of the functions of the ceiling is like general light in the kitchen. In addition, we must also consider not only the function, but also the aesthetic factor in choosing ceiling lights for our kitchen.

There are many attractive designs available that give the kitchen a beautiful decoration as well as the appropriate functions that we need. There are many types of lights for our kitchen ceiling light, and it is recommended to combine several types of lights to get the right lighting composition. For general lighting, we can use downlights or LED lights that are installed in several places above the ceiling. See Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen.

If there is a kitchen or dining table in the middle of the kitchen, we can install a few chandeliers right above the kitchen island or dining table as task lighting. The quantity that is often chosen for this type of pendant lamp application is three. A mixture of kitchen light white and yellow ceiling is perfect for bringing a warm atmosphere in the kitchen.

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